• Growing your idea into a global success

    Startup Guru helps founders with all aspects of their business

  • What's Included

    How Startup Guru helps founders take their idea to the Australian market and beyond


    You had the idea, let us get you the funding you need to grow. Startup Guru has access to hundreds of high net-worth individuals, angel investors and venture capitalists looking for unique investment opportunities. Once ready, your idea will be presented to our investor network to raise the capital you need to scale.

    Product Development

    Our team of experts will assist with all aspects of product development. We focus on design, prototyping, IP, production and quality control. Utilise our range of manufacturing partners to maintain high quality production and logistics for your product.


    Our team of experts will assist with all forms of marketing. From digital to mass media marketing, we will ensure your idea is presented in the best possible light to the rest of the world. Leverage off our marketing team to scale your business.

    Corporate Expansion

    Taking your startup to the next stage requires the perfect combination of scalability and previous growth. We start with the end goal in mind. Whether you want to grow organically and maintain control, sell your business or publicly list your business, we will get you to where you want be.

  • From Early Stage Growth to Exit Opportunities

    Here at Startup Guru, we assist with all aspects of Startup businesses. From fundraising to exit strategies we will listen to your idea at whatever stage it may be. Let us equip you with the experience and resources required to make your Startup dream come true.

  • The Guru

    "I have had great success and found a work life balance that suits me through my own Startups. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to create the life they deserve through business. I am here to help you through the process"
    - Startup Guru founder, Ashley Cottle